Wednesday, April 22, 2009

No Hope

What a crazy time we live in. I just got through reading about David Kellermann. He was the 41 year old CFO from Freddie Mac. Apparently, he has committed suicide. One of his employees called him a hard working guy, with a positive attitude. How does a person who has worked his way to such an esteemed position end his life like this?

Times are tough, there is no doubt, but I think when you finally hit the point of suicide you have to believe that the future is holds no hope. This is a guy who, from all outward appearances, worked at trying to make this company a viable working entity. He was brought into the fold in 1992 as part of a restructuring effort and had been given charge over fixing broke aspects of the company in the recent days. He had gone to U of Michigan and received an MBA from George Washington. After all of that work, he had over 30,000 shares of Freddie Mac which are now worth about $30K.

I know there are probably a lot of spiteful people out there who say good riddance, but I can't help but take time to think about where there person must have been in there mind to take this measure. I don't find it to be some noble move from a person who realizes his failures, but a final desperate act of a person who is so disappointed in their own life and can't see any future worth fighting for.

Don't get me wrong, I don't hold that this person is a victim. It is just the nature of life that we face adversity – God knows we have all faced our own. It is just a reminder to take time and think about your own life, and how you stand. Time to make plans to overcome the trials we face. More importantly, remember that a year from now, this guy will be forgotten by most, but if he had continued to fight, he may have been able to better off than he was today. Once you are out of the game, there is no way in turning things around.


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