Thursday, April 2, 2009

In Regards to the Houston Tea Party, April 15th, 2009

Ok, so I go out for a few beers and people get very fired up about this whole deal =)…which is great. I think I had over 30 emails in my inbox regarding these issues. For once, in our time people have begun to express their discontent – not with their fight against republicans or democrats, but with their concern as to where we are going as a nation. I think it is very impressive that people have begun to shake off these labels, which have bonded us…well, for my lifetime.


I would just caution that we need to not exclude anyone. The label of libertarian or Hindu priest makes no difference. Additionally, before it become vogue to bash anyone, specifically the libertarians in this instance, we need to remember that we need everyone – we can ill afford to alienate anyone from this event or from the future of this nation; that is a flaw that we are witnessing in our present government. I am sure some people who hold themselves as Libertarians are just as cautious as to be accidentally associated with Republicans, Democrats or Video Gamers. Humbly, I hold as my opinion that the success of this even or any other is in the perception of the unity of the people. I know in my experience that people are united in this, but we cannot afford to allow insignificant differences to well into rifts which our nay-sayers can latch on to. Like Maryann said, "Patriots before Party." Personally, I would love to see Ann Richards holding a sign at this event, standing right next to either of the President Bush's. =)


Please remember, like Juliane stated, this is really not an issue, people can easily take part in both events. I just simply wanted to throw the other event out there as a consideration. I had no idea it would be debated so passionately or so in-depth. It is actually very reassuring. I would just to state, that as with many of you, there are many things (many) with which I disagree with Rep. Paul about , yet there is not a more powerful proponent for ending the tyranny of the fed, then said congressman. . . so please, let's not be too hasty in passing judgment.


Let's remember, this event can be historic. This is an event which is the epitome of what this country was founded on. This event is so important that it and other similar event were addressed first by our founding fathers when they approved "the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." All of these other things are mere details, they are things which pull apart instead of bring together. At this perilous time in our history, we cannot afford to spend neither time nor effort to fight in our ranks over such minutiae. These minor details need to be washed aside and the rebirth of our nation needs to be held high as our greater goal.


So please, as we prepare our ransom to be paid to the looters on this April 15, 2009, set aside our minor differences of outlook or personalities and for the next couple of weeks focus on being the vocal majority instead of this innocuous silent majority that we have been for way to long.

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