Thursday, April 30, 2009

….I'm so depressed….

I am totally with that web server at I know that it has some issues that are beyond my understanding, but we are at day 101 of the transition to the evil empire. I know I'm over-exaggerating, but geez, go watch the first three Star Wars and see how the Emperor seizes command. It is scary in its similarities.

There was is great website that I saw today that talks about what has happened in the first 100 days. Personally, I don't think we have ever seen changes so drastic and extreme in the history of this nation. The thing is that they are all un-American - They are all based in this socialist power grabbing agenda.

Now we have a new bill to protect gays from speech. Homosexuality is purely a moral issue. It is not like being a certain race, or being a certain anything . . . it is a choice as is being sexual or celibate. There is a great book out there called "on liberty" by John Stuart Mills. In it he is talking about legitimate and illegitimate laws. He makes a great point. The only legitimate law is one designed to protect a person from another. Just because someone believes that something is "good" for you it doesn't have the authority to be a law. Hurting someone is a universal crime, regardless of what that reason should be. There should not be some special consideration for protecting someone more than another for whatever reason. However, with this law we not only give special consideration, but we theoretically restrict speech regarding this issue. We think it is for the good that people do not talk about against gays. That is not good enough to be a law. It is called tyranny of the majority and is as despicable as any despot.

Anyway, I'm just a web blogger. I'm depressed. . .

Now leave me to sulk alone. . .

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Arlen Specter (DB)

How is it that at 79 years old you decide that you are a democrat and not a republican? Is it that you have some end of life revelation? Or, is it that at this point in our history, out parties are so closely related that there is no difference?

    It is cliché to talk about how one dislikes politicians, but Arlen Specter and his likes are some of the worst humans around. To be fair, it takes a particular type of douche bag to be a politician in the first place. I liked how Kinky Friedman described them…to paraphrase…I've never liked politicians because to me Poly means many and Tics are blood thirsty little insects. However, theoretically there should be some fundamental differences between Republicans and Democrats that really would only allow a change between parties after some sort of drastic change in your morals or outlook on life.

    So, when looking at this guy I would implore anyone who is in his constituency to seriously ask some tough questions about this guy as a basic honest, moral person. He has lied to the people of Pennsylvania about what he stands for and is therefore not a good representative of the people. The idea of being a representative of the people in Washington is the core aspect to our system. Your Congressman is a person who should closely represent you. They should be the people who are your voice to say the things that you want to say, to be a moral representation of you, to stand as an economic representation of you, to stand as a person who you hire to fight for the things that you believe in.

    I cannot help but to believe that a person who, at 80, has fundamentally changed his political stance is nothing more than a liar and is trying to win another term as a congressman than is a person who has had some fundamental change in his outlook. If this is true, then he is nothing more than a liar and if that is true, I cannot accept the possibility that the people of Pennsylvania hold a liar as a fair representation of their beliefs and values.

    The people of Pennsylvania need to rise up and reject him as a leader. Both Republicans and Democrats need to work to crush his run for office next year. It is time to find new blood. He is a representative of all that is wrong with politics and not the people of Pennsylvania. It would be better to have some, either Democrat or Republican, who is truly a representative of the people of Pennsylvania than this dirt bag. Get out and vote and help to end the debacle.

Monday, April 27, 2009


So, swine flu is on the way. Essentially, the people of the US are not really doing anything differently to protect ourselves from this issue. However, I did see that Novavax stock has hit a high level of interest with investors. It would be nice if the average Joe started to take note and precautions.

For some reason, we just don't seem to really believe that bad things can happen in the US. Mexico has shut down everything trying to contain this issue, but we are still letting people roll on through our borders and airports. I saw that even some Asian nations have set up check points for people entering their countries from Mexico and the US.

    I am not advocating for taking the steps that Mexico City has, at this point. However, shouldn't we be taking prudent steps that places like Europe and Aisa have? Shouldn't we be restricting travel or analyzing passengers coming from Mexico? What about a ban on pork products from Mexico? I don't know what the right steps are, but it seems we should take some steps.

    Maybe some of that Mexican abortion money that Obama has spent would have been better spent saving lives by vaccinations in Mexico City, instead of taking lives of the unborn. I guess we will all know in time how this will play out. Just as a reminder, 50,000,000 were killed from the flu in 1918. Wiki tells me that was somewhere between 2.5-5% of the world's population. If that happened again, on the low end (2.5%), we are talking somewhere around 170,000,000 deaths. To put that in perspective, there are only 5 nations in the world with populations of more than 170mm.

    Well, good luck to you. Good luck to us all. Buy your Novavax stock and make sure you get yourself a mask. As for me, I'm going to stay away from the pork tacos for awhile.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Murder of Timothy Wright

I noticed that Timothy Wright passed away today. He was killed when a drunk driver hit him and his family head on last year. Though he died today, let's not forget that he was murdered a year ago. It is coming up on the 3rd anniversary of my wife being murdered by a drunk driver. She was hit head on when a five time drunk driver crossed the lane and hit her head on, as well.

When are we going to make laws tougher on these people? In both cases these people were minding their own business, doing the things that they were suppose to do and were killed by someone who had no regard for the lives of others. They are, in many ways, more dangerous than people with guns. They kill people at random. Driving down the street you could be hit a called in the same manner; your children, your parents, or anyone who have not otherwise put themselves in a position to be killed.

We need tougher, mandatory laws to make take these murders off the streets. The person who killed my wife had been in court the day before. He had test positive for cocaine and was allowed to walk. The cocaine was a violation of his probation. I guess he was just the loveable town drunk, so they let him go. Well, my wife was driving at 6 in the afternoon, sober, minding the speed limit and was met with a violent death.

We need to force the hand of the judges and make these people pay for their crimes, but more importantly take them off the road. Take away their weapons. We do not allow people to run around firing guns, why do we act so carelessly with people wielding weapons which are just as dangerous? First offenses should have serious repercussions. People should do some small amount of jail to try to wake them up – Maybe a week or month. Second offense should be jail for a year, loss of license for a year after that. Third offense should be jail for five years and permanent loss of driving privileges. Fourth offense should be ten years behind bars.

I know some people would say these penalties are harsh, but let me ask you this: If someone was walking the street shoot off guns randomly in the air, the ground, etc. and they did it around your children what would you want done to protect your family? It is no difference. Every time you get in your car, day or night…that person is out there firing his gun.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

100 Days of Darkness

Well, another milestone for the country. We are at the marker of the first 100 days of the Obama regime. I guess we have seen some change, but hope is a thing that seems to be waning from the population. Yesterday, GM announced that they are going to close down their plants for the summer. Maybe I'm a bit cynical, but my first thought was "how many of these aren't going to reopen?"

I was clicked open the Drudge Report and was a little humored at the headline proclaiming Obama the greatest President ever. I don't know what world these people live in, but it seems that in my little world people are more pessimistic about the future of this country more than ever. That can't possibly be a good indicator of a great President.

Undoubtedly, the greatest factor in this rise in pessimism is our current economic policies. We seem to have grabbed on to the reigns of a train heading to Keynesian-town. Although, Keynesian economics have been the bane of the US for years and generally discredited, we are going to go on with the greatest blind experiment of such policies in the history of the nation. I'm not positive, but I bet sales of "Atlas Shrugged" are through the roof. What is funny is that it seems Ayn Rand has been naming the bills passed by this idiot. Is it too much to ask that the leader of our nation have some leadership experience? Some idea of economics? – something better than "In the long run, we're all dead."

Personally, I'm still very concerned with his moves to increase funding to foreign nations. This funding includes his spending on abortions abroad. Why is it that the US is spending any money on any other country, much less spending money on funding something so morally divisive? When we are concerned about our people paying their mortgages, or governments making their budget, the first thing that we could cut out is spending abroad. I've been coerced to give my tax dollars to this country, and they have decided to give it to some person or organization in Africa? How does that make sense? There should not be a dime of tax money sent abroad. There is no real justification for this action that is legitimate in any manner. I have no problem with private people deciding to give their money to really anyone, but for you to force me to give my money to ideals or people that I disagree with morally and ethically? That is insane and unjust.

Ah…now I'm just ranting…sorry. Overall, we are in a very depressing place. The first 100 days of the reign of the emperor have left us in a weak and scary place. We have taken huge steps to financial ruin. We have increased our federal funding for morally wrong crusades. We have created a rift in society which is growing day by day. Where is this going to leave us? I don't know, but if we continue to think that this path can continue we will be proven wrong. Nations great and as great have failed, we can't afford to be so arrogant to believe that we can do anything and can live without consequences.

I think back to my childhood and remember that there were two great nations. Some might argue that they were the two greatest nations in the history of mankind. One of those nations is gone.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

No Hope

What a crazy time we live in. I just got through reading about David Kellermann. He was the 41 year old CFO from Freddie Mac. Apparently, he has committed suicide. One of his employees called him a hard working guy, with a positive attitude. How does a person who has worked his way to such an esteemed position end his life like this?

Times are tough, there is no doubt, but I think when you finally hit the point of suicide you have to believe that the future is holds no hope. This is a guy who, from all outward appearances, worked at trying to make this company a viable working entity. He was brought into the fold in 1992 as part of a restructuring effort and had been given charge over fixing broke aspects of the company in the recent days. He had gone to U of Michigan and received an MBA from George Washington. After all of that work, he had over 30,000 shares of Freddie Mac which are now worth about $30K.

I know there are probably a lot of spiteful people out there who say good riddance, but I can't help but take time to think about where there person must have been in there mind to take this measure. I don't find it to be some noble move from a person who realizes his failures, but a final desperate act of a person who is so disappointed in their own life and can't see any future worth fighting for.

Don't get me wrong, I don't hold that this person is a victim. It is just the nature of life that we face adversity – God knows we have all faced our own. It is just a reminder to take time and think about your own life, and how you stand. Time to make plans to overcome the trials we face. More importantly, remember that a year from now, this guy will be forgotten by most, but if he had continued to fight, he may have been able to better off than he was today. Once you are out of the game, there is no way in turning things around.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Remember San Jacinto

Today, one hundred and seventy-three years ago, Texas won its struggle for independence from Mexico. After a long retreat, not dissimilar to the one that Washington led from Massachusetts to New York in 1776, Sam Houston found a plot of ground at a place now known as San Jacinto and faced the pursuing Army of Mexico. In a short battle, the Texans managed to send the Mexicans into disarray and eventually capture Santa Anna, thereby securing sovereignty from the oppressive Mexican government. With such a momentous day in history, it is still shocking that it is barely mentioned in even local Texas news. The issue resides in some sort of revisionist history, that the Texas revolution is somehow based in race. Today, in Texas, Cinco De Mayo is a bigger celebration than the very war that brought freedom to the people of this land.

The reason for this discrepancy lies in sort of a revisionist view of the reasons for the revolution. Now, there exists some sort of race component to the whole discussion which was truly not at the heart of the conflict. If one looks back at the writings, the people and the political and economic situation of the times, it is pretty clear that the struggle was not one of race, at all. In fact, some of the issues are ones that are still familiar.

The Mexicans had fallen into a state of economic despair following their own struggle for independence from Spain (which is widely celebrated – but isn't as racists as the Texas revolution). As a way to rebuild the economy, the Mexicans established an active colonization of Texas. The original colonists generally were happy about the ability to begin something new, under the ideals that were established under the new Mexican constitution. (This is why you see some of the earlier flags of the revolution displaying the year 1824)

Around 1830, the Mexican government became alarmed at the idea of so many immigrants coming from the United States; in fact they were particularly concerned because the majority was of European descent. To curb this influx of Americans, the Government went back on a major incentive for immigration and that was a tax-free ten year period following any new colonist's move to Texas. This turn, coupled with religious intolerance (forced membership and tithes to the Catholic Church), anti-slavery, corruption of the local government (the capital of the state wasn't even in Texas, and the soldiers garrisoned in the state were mostly "go to war or go to jail" soldiers) and lack of a free economy (settlers were told what to grown and not allowed to grow products based on demand) – all led to a growing dissatisfaction. With these issues in mind, one of the biggest champions for Mexico, Stephen F. Austin, went to Mexico City to address the grievances of the people of the state.

Austin, did not go to Mexico City in search of independence from Mexico, he instead went to find a compromise which would keep the people of Texas happy and the state part of the nation of Mexico. When Santa Anna turned down the idea that Texas should be its own state, Austin wrote to the people of Texas to continue to pursue their state sovereignty – with this letter, he was promptly jailed.

By 1834, Mexico had fallen into complete disarray. This prompted Santa Anna to seize power from not just Texas, but from all states. He dissolved the free constitution of Mexico and essentially assumed power as a dictator. From this point, things happened quickly and eventually led to April 21, 1836. Twelve years of failed promises and greed, by a man who saw himself as the Napoleon of the West, led to a new free nation. It wasn't race, but the will of the people to not submit to the tyranny of liar and power hungry dictator that brought about Texas' independence.

In 1834, the population was about 18% Mexican born citizens, 70% US born citizens, and 12% slaves. In fact, many Hispanic Texans fought for independence. Here is a good link that addresses the issue : .

The ideals of freedom and liberty are not those of one type of people. They are a core element to the nature of man, be him of European, Asian, African or even North American descent. The war for Texas Independence should be looked at, not only as those fateful few months, but what the State has become since then. Without the success that a free society has brought to the land that is Texas, the recent influx of Mexicans into the state would probably not have happened. The economic disaster that is today's Mexico would have a much larger reach. All Texans of today should be proud and thankful for the sacrifices of the men and women of all races that stood up against the evil of despotism.

Just go to El Paso, and take in the vast difference of the quality of life from one side to the other and know the difference that freedom can make in the lives of a people. It is not that the demographics of El Paso are so different than those of Juarez, it is that the freedom provided to one group is so vast than that provided to the other.

I guess the reason, I wanted to talk about this was brought up by a certain "celebrities" comments on the Tax-day tea party. She characterized it as a racist event. I can't be sure, but I doubt that she took the time to see the people who were protesting. I was at the one in Houston, and it is funny that I remember being stuck by the racial diversity of the people who were there. It was a slice of Texas and I was particularly proud, because it validated my idea that freedom is a desire of all peoples.

Upon arriving at the protest, I was excited because first off, I had never protested anything in my life and two, I was really interested in seeing what sort of people showed up for the event. With this in mind, I was in the observing mode upon my arrival. I first thing I noticed, was that there were many families there. A ton more kids than I would have ever imagined and many of those were in strollers. The second thing I noticed was the number of Hispanic peoples. I expected to see some people of African descent because I think that the Texas population of Blacks is pretty conservative religiously. The Hispanics were a surprise as I would estimate about 15% of the group was of this demographic. Lastly, I was not surprise but did take not of the amount of blue collar people who were there. These were not bubba and his boys; they were people from all races, wealth level, etc. It was very impressive.

I know I shouldn't, but I still find it amazing how people like this one celebrity are able to get any sort of public recognition for their sad, uneducated comments.

So anyway, I know this was a long post today, but I figure it was worth it as just a small remembrance of those who were willing to stand up and be counted when Liberty was on the line.

Happy San Jacinto day! To everyone who lives in this great state and is a beneficiary of those who went before.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

In Regards to the Houston Tea Party, April 15th, 2009

Ok, so I go out for a few beers and people get very fired up about this whole deal =)…which is great. I think I had over 30 emails in my inbox regarding these issues. For once, in our time people have begun to express their discontent – not with their fight against republicans or democrats, but with their concern as to where we are going as a nation. I think it is very impressive that people have begun to shake off these labels, which have bonded us…well, for my lifetime.


I would just caution that we need to not exclude anyone. The label of libertarian or Hindu priest makes no difference. Additionally, before it become vogue to bash anyone, specifically the libertarians in this instance, we need to remember that we need everyone – we can ill afford to alienate anyone from this event or from the future of this nation; that is a flaw that we are witnessing in our present government. I am sure some people who hold themselves as Libertarians are just as cautious as to be accidentally associated with Republicans, Democrats or Video Gamers. Humbly, I hold as my opinion that the success of this even or any other is in the perception of the unity of the people. I know in my experience that people are united in this, but we cannot afford to allow insignificant differences to well into rifts which our nay-sayers can latch on to. Like Maryann said, "Patriots before Party." Personally, I would love to see Ann Richards holding a sign at this event, standing right next to either of the President Bush's. =)


Please remember, like Juliane stated, this is really not an issue, people can easily take part in both events. I just simply wanted to throw the other event out there as a consideration. I had no idea it would be debated so passionately or so in-depth. It is actually very reassuring. I would just to state, that as with many of you, there are many things (many) with which I disagree with Rep. Paul about , yet there is not a more powerful proponent for ending the tyranny of the fed, then said congressman. . . so please, let's not be too hasty in passing judgment.


Let's remember, this event can be historic. This is an event which is the epitome of what this country was founded on. This event is so important that it and other similar event were addressed first by our founding fathers when they approved "the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." All of these other things are mere details, they are things which pull apart instead of bring together. At this perilous time in our history, we cannot afford to spend neither time nor effort to fight in our ranks over such minutiae. These minor details need to be washed aside and the rebirth of our nation needs to be held high as our greater goal.


So please, as we prepare our ransom to be paid to the looters on this April 15, 2009, set aside our minor differences of outlook or personalities and for the next couple of weeks focus on being the vocal majority instead of this innocuous silent majority that we have been for way to long.