Friday, April 24, 2009

The Murder of Timothy Wright

I noticed that Timothy Wright passed away today. He was killed when a drunk driver hit him and his family head on last year. Though he died today, let's not forget that he was murdered a year ago. It is coming up on the 3rd anniversary of my wife being murdered by a drunk driver. She was hit head on when a five time drunk driver crossed the lane and hit her head on, as well.

When are we going to make laws tougher on these people? In both cases these people were minding their own business, doing the things that they were suppose to do and were killed by someone who had no regard for the lives of others. They are, in many ways, more dangerous than people with guns. They kill people at random. Driving down the street you could be hit a called in the same manner; your children, your parents, or anyone who have not otherwise put themselves in a position to be killed.

We need tougher, mandatory laws to make take these murders off the streets. The person who killed my wife had been in court the day before. He had test positive for cocaine and was allowed to walk. The cocaine was a violation of his probation. I guess he was just the loveable town drunk, so they let him go. Well, my wife was driving at 6 in the afternoon, sober, minding the speed limit and was met with a violent death.

We need to force the hand of the judges and make these people pay for their crimes, but more importantly take them off the road. Take away their weapons. We do not allow people to run around firing guns, why do we act so carelessly with people wielding weapons which are just as dangerous? First offenses should have serious repercussions. People should do some small amount of jail to try to wake them up – Maybe a week or month. Second offense should be jail for a year, loss of license for a year after that. Third offense should be jail for five years and permanent loss of driving privileges. Fourth offense should be ten years behind bars.

I know some people would say these penalties are harsh, but let me ask you this: If someone was walking the street shoot off guns randomly in the air, the ground, etc. and they did it around your children what would you want done to protect your family? It is no difference. Every time you get in your car, day or night…that person is out there firing his gun.


  1. I am grieved at your tragic loss, friend, of your loving wife.
    And I sure understand your anger at all dangerous, careless drunk drivers, with which I am sympathetic. Alcohol killed both my father and my half-brother.

    Tougher laws for drunk drivers who injure or more, other drivers is a necessity; what appears to be lacking though is a very thoughtful, very detailed proposition for a state legislature to rally around.
    Ideas? Bless you~!

  2. Thank you for your kind words. I know that you are all to familiar with the pain. We, as well as too many others, have voids from such a careless and pointless killer.