Thursday, April 23, 2009

100 Days of Darkness

Well, another milestone for the country. We are at the marker of the first 100 days of the Obama regime. I guess we have seen some change, but hope is a thing that seems to be waning from the population. Yesterday, GM announced that they are going to close down their plants for the summer. Maybe I'm a bit cynical, but my first thought was "how many of these aren't going to reopen?"

I was clicked open the Drudge Report and was a little humored at the headline proclaiming Obama the greatest President ever. I don't know what world these people live in, but it seems that in my little world people are more pessimistic about the future of this country more than ever. That can't possibly be a good indicator of a great President.

Undoubtedly, the greatest factor in this rise in pessimism is our current economic policies. We seem to have grabbed on to the reigns of a train heading to Keynesian-town. Although, Keynesian economics have been the bane of the US for years and generally discredited, we are going to go on with the greatest blind experiment of such policies in the history of the nation. I'm not positive, but I bet sales of "Atlas Shrugged" are through the roof. What is funny is that it seems Ayn Rand has been naming the bills passed by this idiot. Is it too much to ask that the leader of our nation have some leadership experience? Some idea of economics? – something better than "In the long run, we're all dead."

Personally, I'm still very concerned with his moves to increase funding to foreign nations. This funding includes his spending on abortions abroad. Why is it that the US is spending any money on any other country, much less spending money on funding something so morally divisive? When we are concerned about our people paying their mortgages, or governments making their budget, the first thing that we could cut out is spending abroad. I've been coerced to give my tax dollars to this country, and they have decided to give it to some person or organization in Africa? How does that make sense? There should not be a dime of tax money sent abroad. There is no real justification for this action that is legitimate in any manner. I have no problem with private people deciding to give their money to really anyone, but for you to force me to give my money to ideals or people that I disagree with morally and ethically? That is insane and unjust.

Ah…now I'm just ranting…sorry. Overall, we are in a very depressing place. The first 100 days of the reign of the emperor have left us in a weak and scary place. We have taken huge steps to financial ruin. We have increased our federal funding for morally wrong crusades. We have created a rift in society which is growing day by day. Where is this going to leave us? I don't know, but if we continue to think that this path can continue we will be proven wrong. Nations great and as great have failed, we can't afford to be so arrogant to believe that we can do anything and can live without consequences.

I think back to my childhood and remember that there were two great nations. Some might argue that they were the two greatest nations in the history of mankind. One of those nations is gone.

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