Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Arlen Specter (DB)

How is it that at 79 years old you decide that you are a democrat and not a republican? Is it that you have some end of life revelation? Or, is it that at this point in our history, out parties are so closely related that there is no difference?

    It is cliché to talk about how one dislikes politicians, but Arlen Specter and his likes are some of the worst humans around. To be fair, it takes a particular type of douche bag to be a politician in the first place. I liked how Kinky Friedman described them…to paraphrase…I've never liked politicians because to me Poly means many and Tics are blood thirsty little insects. However, theoretically there should be some fundamental differences between Republicans and Democrats that really would only allow a change between parties after some sort of drastic change in your morals or outlook on life.

    So, when looking at this guy I would implore anyone who is in his constituency to seriously ask some tough questions about this guy as a basic honest, moral person. He has lied to the people of Pennsylvania about what he stands for and is therefore not a good representative of the people. The idea of being a representative of the people in Washington is the core aspect to our system. Your Congressman is a person who should closely represent you. They should be the people who are your voice to say the things that you want to say, to be a moral representation of you, to stand as an economic representation of you, to stand as a person who you hire to fight for the things that you believe in.

    I cannot help but to believe that a person who, at 80, has fundamentally changed his political stance is nothing more than a liar and is trying to win another term as a congressman than is a person who has had some fundamental change in his outlook. If this is true, then he is nothing more than a liar and if that is true, I cannot accept the possibility that the people of Pennsylvania hold a liar as a fair representation of their beliefs and values.

    The people of Pennsylvania need to rise up and reject him as a leader. Both Republicans and Democrats need to work to crush his run for office next year. It is time to find new blood. He is a representative of all that is wrong with politics and not the people of Pennsylvania. It would be better to have some, either Democrat or Republican, who is truly a representative of the people of Pennsylvania than this dirt bag. Get out and vote and help to end the debacle.

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