Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Heracles Pillars

It seems fitting that along the time of the bicentennial of Lincoln's birth, the country is again faced with a great struggle. A struggle that threatens to tear our country apart, not by the sword by a much more insidious means perpetrated by men seeking ideals such as power and influence, all at the cost of the rest of us.

We are all guilty of throwing around statement of grandeur in concern for the coming demise of this country, but it has yet to come to pass. However, it is not to say that we have not faced periods in our past which could have led down that dark path if the proper action had not been taken. These labors were successfully prevailed over only through the leadership of great men rising to the challenge and bearing the burden of the masses. These men stood poised to act to ward off impending doom, by taking up the burdens that were laid upon them without seeking any special favors or accolades for their work. Without them, and their ideas, their sacrifices and their willingness to lead we may have strayed down that wrong path.

Today, as we stand face-to-face with challenges of immense proportion, we may not be looking at the right problem. The public thought seems to be focused on the emergency of the financial catastrophe that is either here, has been here, or may be here – depending on your point of view - but I propose that the true evil that we face is that of what actions some men who portray themselves as leaders are taking to "protect us" from this awful fate. When we have Congressmen and Presidents signing into law legislation that not only the public hasn't read, but more troubling, they haven't read, we are setting ourselves up for failure not only in this crisis, but as a sovereign nation.

It seems we like to believe that we are so advanced and our struggles are so different than those of our forefathers, but I believe it is a mistake to think that way. We are still a people who, at our core, love liberty and exist in a world not so advanced that we can afford to be negligent in its defense. While we must be mindful of new problems we face, we can ill afford to dismiss age old threats to Liberty.

I am starting this blog as a very informal place for people to come and discuss ideas for our Country, protecting our Liberty, and how we might truly seek a more perfect Union.

To that end, I only view myself as a moderator, at best. I foresee myself only throwing out thoughts on current events and my few opinions in hopes that people may find them as discussion points for the betterment of a good debate on the issues at hand.

There are men whom have hoisted the heavens on their shoulders for the betterment of us all. We owe it to them, to build on their works and preserve our great nation and enable our future generations the opportunities that we still enjoy to this day.

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